NEMA 4 inox outdoor cabinets


Metal cabinets system to provide protection for electrical equipment from weather , water, shock , etc. Monobloc construction with upper or lower lids attached to the main body with eyebrows that are protected sealing area .

NEMA 4 Inox



Cabinets designed for indoor and outdoor , mainly used to provide by a degree of protection against dust and rain in strong winds or dust devils , splashes water , directed jets of water and damage ice formation on the outside .


Manufacturing Standard :

NEMA 4 .


Physical Dimensions :

250mm x 200mm x150mm                            MXN$ 1,872.00

300mm x 250mm x 150mm                           MXN$ 2,080.00

400mm x 300mm x 200mm                           MXN$ 2,787.00

500mm x 400mm x 200mm                           MXN$ 3,952.00

600mm x 400mm x 250mm                           MXN$ 4,347.20

700mm x 500mm x 250mm                           MXN$ 6,760.00

800mm x 600mm x 300mm                           MXN$ 8,944.00

1000mm x 800mm x 300mm                         MXN$11,960.00


Manufacturing materials :

Stainless Steel Lamina Cal . 18 , fully welded or sealed .



Stainless steel.



Steel .



Cardboard Box


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