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• Monitoring Telecommunications equipment placed on the rack.


• Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity inside the rack.

• Monitoring and Control GSM contact through text messages or through a

  web page stored in an integrated web server PDU .


• 2 contacts controlled one double and one single .


• Tracking Function via text message. • Network settings DHCP Manual o' .


• Memory status contacts.


• Temperature control by one of contacts controlled by setting ignition limit

   and limit off in temperature.


• 6 rear contacts to 15A .


• Touch keyboard for network configuration and other parameters.


• Displays information in a sequential oled display.


• Thermo magnetic switch for overload protection





The tridimensional printing process on this machine based on depositing molten material to go on a surface, layer by layer to finish the piece,

This machine supports a variety of media 3D long as they meet the following requirements:


• The diameter of the filament must be 1.75mm

• ABS.

• PLA.

• Nylon

•Carbon fiber


To achieve a good impression it is recommended to make a prototype and test different extrusion temperatures material and observe that temperature gets best print quality. This machine accepts print files in code G,


This may be generated in the free software Cura. Starting a design in STL format. This is having a design D in Solid Works can be saved with STL extension and the G-code to generate the STL opens in the Cura software in which parameters are set printing as are the layer thickness, density piece, if you need brackets etc.


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