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Primeline 10221



Telecommunications Cabinet Freestanding 19 "and 2 compartments 20UR for communications switch and wiring.

For indoor use only in areas controlled environment should not be placed outdoors.

Main structure consists of 1, 2 removable side, 1 Ceiling ventilated accessible wiring, 4 poles for UR, 2 front and 2 rear doors punched and 4 horizontal supports for poles UR Manufacturing standards EIA-310D and NEMA 1.

Sleeps 4 fans 4 slices of 2 " 4 leveling floor (Optional)


Physical Dimensions:

600 mm Front

1050 mm Depth

2000 mm Height


Manufacturing materials:

This sheet prepared in Carbon Steel SAE-1008, based on lime structure. 14 (1.9mm) 16 (1.5mm), front door lime. 18 (1.1 mm), rear doors and removable side cal.18 (1.1 mm), Lime ceiling. 18, and Poles for UR (Rack Units) cal. 14 (1.9mm), cal support posts. 16 (1.5mm).


Support Equipment:

2 pairs of poles for mounting equipment in the cabinet body 1¾ or spacing 44.45mm (RMU) EIA-310D standard Universal standard for 19 "wide Includes 30 screws and nuts Caged 12/24 M6 for pole placement UR with foursquare kick.



Swash plate polyamide handle locked front door

Swash plate polyamide handle key to access later.

Four double bit locks for both sides for quick access.



Polyester powder paint color, semi-matte black epoxy. 2 mils thick.


Shipping Weight:

143 Kilograms.


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